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CamGooodTime Moderator Member
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10 months ago

After you rank up all the way from E4 to A1 you have the option to prestige and go back to E4, once you do it you can rank up again all the way to A1, prestige is from 1 to 10. After you prestige the first time, you get access to a lot of things. Every time you prestige your A cell get cleared, but the donor and prestige cell do not.



For prestige 1 and 2 you can have 1 row on your backpack. For prestige 3 and 4 you can have 2 rows. For prestige 5 and 6 you can have 3 rows. For prestige 7 and 8 you can have 4 rows. And for prestige 9 and 10 you can have 5 rows. You can access you backpack from anywhere in the server.





Prestige Stall

When you prestige you can have a prestige stall, in the cafeteria. It costs $100,000 for 7 days.


Prestige Garden

There is a special wood farm for who prestige, there you can get different types of wood like birch, dark oak and mangrove, and also some flowers. The prestige garden is located in the back of the spawn.


Commissary Mine

Prestige has access to the commissary mine every day. You have access to it everyday, but for how long depends on your prestige level. Every time you prestige you get 1 more minute inside. So if you are prestige 1, everyday you have 1 minute inside the commissary mine, so if you are prestige 10 you have 10min in there everyday.

There is a special mine and special shops.


Prestige Key

Every time you prestige you get a prestige key.


Prestige Tags

When you reach prestige 7 you get a prestige tag crate. From this crate you can get one of the following tags.


Prestige 10 Extra

After you reach prestige 10, you get all the iron bars removed from your cells. (Only for donor cells and A cells)

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