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Starter guide and FAQ
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You just joined Airidale. Now what?

If you look in front of you at /spawn, there is an NPC called Tutorial. If you right click on him, it will open a GUI where you can accept the tutorial quest. It will show you the basics on how to get wood, food, craft a pickaxe, find the mine and use the public smelters.

To find E ward, take a right to the middle of spawn. In spawn you can see the Warden, you may speak to him to rank up.

When you are near Warden, take a direct left into E ward.

I have done the Tutorial quest, now what do I do?

Do whatever you like to do. Perhaps you can take a look at the other wikis or scroll further down: https://www.airidale.net/forum/view/11-community-wiki/

You might ask, what is best? As of Season 6, there is not really one way to go about in E ward. Obtaining a Hero or Legend kit is important, you can get a full set of enchanted diamond gear. Check /warp donate for the exact specs per kit. However, here are some general strategies you can use:

  • Mining for copper and selling them in the cafe. Raw copper sells for a lot for its McMMO XP to players in the cafe (only raw copper, not smelted).
  • Chopping logs and making charcoal or selling them directly. Depending on the charcoal prices you can chop wood and smelt them or directly sell the wood.
  • Killing animals and selling the items to the server shop. Fire Aspect, Sharpness III and Mending on a Wooden Sword is recommended, use wood because it's the cheapest to enchant.

I found a Soul Shard, Fossil, Ruby, Casserite or Coal Nugget while mining or woodcutting

Coal nuggets are like Iron Nuggets 9 = 1 coal. Generally worthless.

Soul Shards can be found while mining or chopping wood. They are used for enchanting. Scroll down a bit for more info about enchanting!

  • Fortune increases the drop amount while mining, Soul Armour increases the chance. They both work alongside eachother.
  • Fortune for axes makes Shards more common (it does not increase the drop amount). The custom armour does not work with woodcutting.

Have you obtained a Fossil, Casserite, Ruby? They are used for crafting the custom armour types. Ruby is like Diamond with slightly less durability, but makes better regular armour as well.

  • Fossils drops from Stone
  • Casserite drops from Diorite
  • Ruby drops from Deepslate and Granite
  • You can place and destroy any of the blocks in your cell indefinitely to obtain these.
    • Do not use an autoclicker or afk mine in any shape or form, as it is not allowed and you will die from hunger.

Check out https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/10-how-to-craft-the-different-types-of-armour/ for more info about Fossils, Ruby and Casserite and the custom armour.

An example of a Soul Shard drop while mining.

How do I enchant or repair my tools?

You can Enchant with Soul Shards, generally found while mining or woodcutting. Generally, the better the tool, the more expensive it is to enchant.

  • If you wish to Enchant your pickaxe, it is recommended to obtain a Bedrock Pickaxe first. The Bedrock Pickaxe does not break.
  • When enchanting for Efficiency, try to obtain an Efficiency III book (obtain by Risky disenchanting a Legend pickaxe). They are cheaper than enchanting Efficiency III with Shards.
  • Third item in the list because a third item in the list makes it look better.

For more info about Enchanting (like Safe or Risky Disenchanting) check out https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/14-enchantments/

The only method to repair items (or rename them) is by the anvils at spawn. McMMO anvils are disabled (iron block) and anvils are not craftable.

  • Repairing does not require materials, only exp.
  • People can kill you, do not take anything unecessary to the anvils.
  • Scamming is allowed, be mindful of giving your tools to another player for them to repair it.

One of the two anvils as seen from the entrance of E ward

When mining or woodcutting I obtained a MineCrate

A MineCrate has a small chance to drop when mining stone or chopping wood. You can open them at /warp crates. They are virtual, so check with /keys which ones you have. When opening a Frag Crate, it will give you a random Key Fragment, 4 are required to craft them into a Key (bottom right of a crafting table). Check out https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/11-minecrates/ for more info about MineCrates!

The chat when you obtain a MineCrate

The Scoreboard says Scrap, QP and Vote Party, what are those?

Scrap is obtained by mining or rarely by fishing. It is used for buying Smuggler Passes or McMMO 2x books from Yummy (found next to lunch lady). Check out https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/15-smugglers/ for more info about Smugglers!

QP (Quest Points) are used for accessing quests in higher wards and can be used to purchase items from the lunch lady, left of spawn.

After 500 votes, everyone who voted for the current Vote Party receives a Vote Party (VP) Crate Key. It is virtual so you can check with /keys. You may open them at /warp crates. Check out https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/13-crates/ for more info about the Crates!

If you are in a gang, you can use /board to change the scoreboard to your Gang Scoreboard. It shows how many people are online in your gang and how many points your Gang has. For more info about Gangs, check out https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/9-gangs/

The Scoreboard

People are talking about Gangs and Gang Points, what are those?

Gangs are a group of people (up to 6) that work together towards weekly rewards and compete with other Gangs for the top gang. Whoever has the most points this week wins rewards every Monday. You can check the weekly scoreboard with /getgang1

For more info about Gangs, visit https://www.airidale.net/forum/topic/9-gangs/

The output of /getgang1

What is McMMO?

McMMO is a plugin, literally called Minecraft MMO, to integrate MMO skills to Minecraft. Generally, the skills are slightly tweaked, e.g., combat McMMO skills are disabled because we have 1.8 pvp.

  • Use /<skillname> to view Skills and their respective bonuses. E.g., /mining or /swords
    • For example, the Skill Mining gives you Double Drops and Super Breaker. Super Breaker adds 5 Efficiency levels to your pickaxe.
      • Every 10 levels of Mining is 1% Double Drop (passive skill) and every 50 levels gives 1 extra second of Super Breaker (starting at 2 seconds when you unlock it). Super Breaker is actived with RMB, or Shift+RMB with an offhand.
  • McMMO Experience is exponential. Leveling gets harder and harder the higher you go.
  • To view the server's McMMO top, use /mctop <skill>

How do I rank up?

You have to speak to Warden in the middle of Spawn to rank up.


You're all set. Some tips & tricks:

  • A cell in E is useful for storage, but you have an ender chest, consider this 5k wisely. However, if you wish to smelt, it is very important.
    • Keep in mind that you lose access to your E cell if you move to D ward. Clear it out before ranking up.
  • After 1 hour of playtime you can use /like, which will give you an epic key worth a lot of money, so you can easily get out of E ward.
  • You can sell stacks to the server shop by holding the stack and shift clicking.

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