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Small Buff To Prestiging
Started by Serxen

As of currently with how long it takes to Prestige, I feel like only getting cosmetics, shards, and a tag is not enough to make it worth doing. I understand that a large buff would be too overpowered but I suggest adding a 3-5% buff to the soul crystals chance everytime you prestige. I feel like this would make players feel like prestiging is worth it without breaking the economy. (The 3-5% buff was just a suggestion but I do not know the current rate for the drops, but some sort of increase is all i'm suggesting). Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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About 1 year ago

Current rate is like less than 1% so any change would be marginal at best. Issue is balance, because sure at one prestige we could slightly increase it but how high could we make it al like 10th prestige? At that point anyone prestiged would have ultimate rule over crystals and kill the market for them and in tern, a large part of the server and economy. I am looking into buffs for prestiges but I'm not sure what they'll be yet!

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About 1 year ago