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Adding Gold/Iron Blocks to the Server Sell Shops
Started by Crimson_Crypt

Since upper tier donors have access to significantly better mines, players are able to easily fill double chests with Gold and/or Iron Blocks. Currently, Airidale's Server shops purchase Ores and Ingots, but not Blocks. The only way to sell blocks to the server, is to go to commissary or convert them all back into Ingots. The problem is, taking Gold/Iron blocks to C1-3 is a waste of pass and potential profit.  So, I suggest Airidale's higher tier donors (maybe knight+) are able to sell Gold and Iron blocks at the same proportional price as Ingots. So if 64 Iron ingots sell for $480, then 64 blocks would be (480x9)=$4320. Maybe it could purchase an entire inventory of Blocks???


This is merely an inconvenience, having to stand at the sell wall for several minutes, slowly converting everything back into ingots. By implementing the purchasing of Blocks from players, Airidale allows users to be more efficient use of their time. I couldn't think of any potential problems with this, as its purpose is to decrease unnecessarily wasted time.

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IGN: Crimson_Crypt

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About 1 year ago