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A Ward Cells
Started by _Rolex__

i have played Airidale for a few weeks and have managed to get to A ward, every cell in all A ward is taken and have been for the last 4-5 days, not having a cell makes the game very unenjoyable staff need to take actions as its making players like me want to quit not having a cell makes the server very limited to what you can do as you cant do many quests , you cant mine as my inventory is full from moving , i cant pvp, i am  just searching for a cell which i have spent many days and hours attempting can staff please realise there any many solutions for example easily adding more cells there is plenty of space on the block closest to the mine there are four rows of cells and the block facing the mine has 3 please can that be extended easily could fit 4-6 more cells making room for everybody, players could access other peoples cells with the other players permissions these are just my ideas please take actions !!!

About 1 year ago

Hi! We understand that all the A cells are taken at the moment. They are currently no plans to extend or add more cells in A ward. For people who need them like yourself, we recommend that you try to buy a cell of off another player, or keep your eye on cells that are close to expiring. This was the long term goal. To have the cells filled. 

You could try to find a player who also has a donor cell and see if they are interested in selling you their A cell. I got mine by asking someone if they wanted to sell theirs

- Clancy

About 1 year ago