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Various Suggestions for Survival
Started by Clancybob

So itsmycookie and I were talking about various ideas for survival, here's a list of some things we came up with:

1. Access to /feed for Knight rank and up
2. Each rank get 1 extra /sethome. So Hustler gets 1 extra and Hero gets 6 extra
3. A warp to an exp farm that some ranks get access to
4. Silk touching spawners so you can move them about
5. Weekly or monthly kits that could contain tools or various resources. They would scale with each rank
6. Either Hero having /fly or the ability to purchase /fly (next idea)
7. Introduce and economy where you can sell things to a server shop -
      - Bring over chest shops from Prison
      - Some ranks could get access to /sellhand
      - With the money people earn, they could maybe buy access to commands
      - Being able to buy spawners with the money you earn and adding custom spawners for other mob types

About 1 year ago

Also to either remove the local chat thing or add the ability to toggle between local and global

About 1 year ago