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Tag suggestions
Started by Alteier






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5 months ago

Hello Alteier great suggestion, i also have some ideas to expand on this. tags for certain achievements that almost act as medals. for example if you hit 1000 mining level you get a special "miner" tag or something. Or if you get 5000 overall mcmmo level you get a certain tag etc. Tags that you can work towards rather than get lucky. However i guess the prestige number next to your name in chat is similar to this concept so that may prevent it from being added. Thanks for reading! 

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5 months ago

Hello Juejamie.
I personally really like your suggestion, and I hope this will be looked further into, as this would maybe encourage players to do different stuff, maybe in a way of collecting these tags!

Great suggestion, and definitely would add to the grind! Glad to hear this feedback from you.
Thanks for commenting, and thanks for reading!

5 months ago