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Airidale Prison | Community Blacklist & Trust
Started by Hobbits

Greetings everyone, this forum section will be used to help players be cautious of certain players in the community who scam but to also provide information for players to find out who is also (mostly) trusted in the community by other players through their experiences. Do note: not all trustable players are fully trusted even with the star they have, however they will more likely be the players who scam people the less.


  1. Any accusations that lead to arguments on this forum post should be removed.
  2. First-time offenders can appeal if the offense is not too serious.
  3. Items in the trusted section are for high valued items do not put items that are not worth value.

Avoid Being Scammed

  1. Avoid trading with players in the community who are below C4, not prestige, or who have donated to the server with a rank.
  2. If you do not trust the player you could potentially use staff as a middle man and pay the middleman a certain %.
  3. If any trade sounds too good to be true it's more likely a scam.
  4. Try to find players' past trading history on the server.





REASON: (Scamming method: Shop scam, Trade Scam, Etc.)

DETAILS: (Provide screenshot or video to add to blacklist)




ITEM TRADED: (What item was traded)

DETAILS: (Evidence of successful trade provide screenshot or video)


Peterlikepickels | Trade Scam | (1)

Kid_Kryptic | Trade Scam | (1)

RoyalIsaGawd | Trade Scam | (1)

Infamyyy | Trade Scam | (1) (2)


â­ - Given to players who staff has created a trust format with.

Maloney26 | (1)

Crimson_Crypt | (1)

Hidu/Populists | (1)

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About 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago

This Is A Great Idea!!

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About 1 year ago

IGN: Maloney26
ITEM TRADED: 20 Soul Crystals
EVIDENCE: e8f24b6c386b4516ea2705d1ca1ccdce.png

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About 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago


IGN: peterlikepickels

Reason: Trade scam

Details: Was supposed to sell me 6 souls for 43k. I payed the money and he didn't give the souls. 
This was his reaction when I called him out on it: https://imgur.com/a/GpVZHfh

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About 1 year ago

So, the people I know to be scammers are RoyalIsAGawd, Infamyy, and this person who just scammed me, Kid_Kryptic. For Kid_Kryptic, they did pay me back half the money they scammed me and seemed to feel bad about it, so can perhaps be reintegrated into trade with caution and good behaviour.



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About 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago

So, here are some more for the trust list, based on the trades I made yesterday.

IGN: Crimson_Crypt           Item traded: 2 potions of regeneration, 100k

IGN: Hidu               Item traded: 2 stacks of soul crystals, 1M

IGN: FrozenDuck2000           Item traded: 1 stack of soul crystals, 500k

IGN: iiSaints83             Item traded: 8 tropical fish, 32k

Details: I have screenshots for Hidu and Crimson, and I swear that I took screenshots for the other two as well, but I can't find them, so I guess there is just my word for that.


Additionally, I am wondering if these trades can also prove that I, DragonOvLeaves, am also trustable, or if someone else needs to make a trust post.

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About 1 year ago

IGN: DevonsGrim

REASON: Trade Scam (27 soul crystals for 190k, never paid.) (its not the best screenshot, but I tried my best) 

DETAILS: https://imgur.com/gallery/WEbysYp

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About 1 year ago

IGN  : Moist_Ute 

took 60 souls and did not pay. I cant be bothered to play anymore due to losing my weeks progress to a degenerate. 


About 1 year ago