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Hello, I would like to make a suggestion of adding a breakdown of the mines ore percentages in the donor preview areas. I think this would be useful to allow people who are considering donating or upgrading to get a feel for what the mine is like as I think at present it's quiet hard to tell whats in each mine just from the preview warp. For example, in /warp HustlerPreview it would have some information that contains a breakdown as below: Stone - 80% Cobble 5% Andesite 5% Gold Ore 2.5% Iron Ore 2.5% Redstone 2.5% Diamond 1% I'm not sure if in turn this would encourage an increase in people purchasing donor ranks if they have a better understanding of what is included in the mine. Furthermore, just tagging this onto the suggestion but only some ranks have a fishing area - would it be possible to get a fishing area added throughout each rank so that we don't have to leave the area just to fish?   Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion. Kind regards, Josh | NothingClassy  
about 1 year ago


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