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Since upper tier donors have access to significantly better mines, players are able to easily fill double chests with Gold and/or Iron Blocks. Currently, Airidale's Server shops purchase Ores and Ingots, but not Blocks. The only way to sell blocks to the server, is to go to commissary or convert them all back into Ingots. The problem is, taking Gold/Iron blocks to C1-3 is a waste of pass and potential profit.  So, I suggest Airidale's higher tier donors (maybe knight+) are able to sell Gold and Iron blocks at the same proportional price as Ingots. So if 64 Iron ingots sell for $480, then 64 blocks would be (480x9)=$4320. Maybe it could purchase an entire inventory of Blocks???   This is merely an inconvenience, having to stand at the sell wall for several minutes, slowly converting everything back into ingots. By implementing the purchasing of Blocks from players, Airidale allows users to be more efficient use of their time. I couldn't think of any potential problems with this, as its purpose is to decrease unnecessarily wasted time.
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Ideally the harassing of other players shouldnt happen, but when it does it should be punished. Thankfully, Airidale staff is fairly good about dishing out punishments. However, the problem lays with the fact that being VERY toxic or harrassing players isnt specifally mentioned under any catagory under /rules . I suggest we add "Harrassment of Other Players will NOT be Tolerated"   I think this new rule is mearly common sense/decency and since it will be enforced, it should also be in the /rules  too.  This addition may not decrease the toxicity within the community, but since there are scaling punishments for said actions, the actions (generalized actions) belong in rules otherwise players could make the argument that they were muted/kicked/banned for something that isnt "against the rules" Im sure this would become a popular argument during the ChargeBack process, in an attempt the toxic players who have been rightfully punished seek to recoupe their loses.    I didnt think it was a necesarry to be a specified rule, until several occasions players have spammed chat, featuring Homophobic and Transphobic remarks towards the player base and continued to harrass memebers of the commmunity long after. 
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The Mob Arenas The Mob Arenas are areas where you can quickly increase combat mcmmo levels, as well as earn many in game rewards, by fighting waves of hostile mobs.   How to Join Use the command: /ma join (map name)   How to Leave Use the command: /ma leave   How to Spectate a Mob Arena in Progress   Use the command: /ma spectate (map name)     Kino (Remake of Black Ops Zombies: Kino der Toten)   Kit / Class options Turtle Guard Tank Archer Prisoner Botler Enchantments + (Exp Requirements): -Sharpness 1 (15 lvls) -Sharpness 2 (25 lvls) -Smite 1 (10 lvls) -Smite 2 (20 lvls) -Power 2 (20 lvls) -Knockback 1 (8 levels) -Knockback 2 (16 levels) Available Items + (Exp Requirements): -Bow (30 lvls) -Arrow 64x (~5 lvls) Rewards :  -Every round: $200 -Round 30: $5,000 All Mobs: -Zombies -Husks -Skeletons -Creeper -Bees (r ound 8 only) Boss: Iron Golem -Spawns on rounds 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 -Boss Abilities Nearby Throw : Toss nearby players into the air Arrow Shoot: Shoots an arrow at targeted player Fire Aura : Lights nearby players on fire Obsidian Bomb : Spawns an Obsidian block, which explodes after a few seconds, dealing very high damage. -The Iron Golem’s health scales based on how many other players are in the Kino lobby SCALED Boss Hp = ( # of players joined) x (Boss Hp) -Targets only 1 player at a time, but can lose agro and switch to another player Jward (An abandoned prison ward, overrun by a variety of mobs) Kit / Class options Guard Tank Prisoner Archer Enchantments + (Exp Requirements):  None Available Items + (Exp Requirements): None Rewards : Every round: $200 Round 15 and 20: 1x Soul Crystal All Mobs: Zombies Skeletons Creepers Spiders Wolves Slime (Round 4) Zombie Pigman (Round 8) Blaze (Round 12, 16) Bosses: -Vindicator Round 10 -Evoker (Spawns Vexes)  Round 20 -Iron Golem Round 30   Kits / Classes Turtle Armor: Diamond Weapon: Wooden Sword + Shield Potions: 3 potions of regeneration Guard Armor: Protection 1 Chainmail  Weapon: Iron Sword Potions: 3 potions of regeneration Tank Armor: Netherite Weapon: Stone Battleaxe Potions: 3 potions of regeneration Archer Armor: Leather Weapon: Power 1 Bow + Wooden Sword Potions: 3 potions of regeneration Passive: 3 pet wolves, which attack any mob you damage Prisoner Armor: Protection 1 Leather Weapon: Iron Sword  Potions:  3 potions of regeneration Botler Armor: Protection 1 Leather Weapon: Piercing 4 Crossbow + Stone Sword Potions: 3 potions of regeneration    
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While all players do have access to the Junker, it is often out of the way and time consuming. By allowing players permissions to create [disposal] signs within cells, we can easily clean out our Inventory/Chests/Cells without having to take several trips or just dumping it on the ground. Another possiblility would be to give certain donor ranks a command to access junker from anywhere. It wouldnt be game changing addition, but it would make prison life just a little easier and because of that, I think it would make a great addition.
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