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Registered:about 1 year ago
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Gang Overview
    Gangs can consist of up to 6 players, competing for weekly prizes, as well as gaining rewards throughout the week. Points are totaled at the end of the week (Midnight Sunday Eastern time).

Rewards (Top Gangs)
    - First: 12 gang keys, 6 epic keys, 6 tag keys.
    - Second: 6 gang keys, 6 rare keys, 6 tag keys.
    - Third: 6 gang keys, 6 tag keys.

Rewards (Point Milestones)
    - 500pts: Uncommon Key
    - 1000pts: 15min personal haste event
    - 1500pts: Rare Key
    - 2000pts: 15
min personal haste event
    - 2500pts: Gang Key
    - 3000pts: 30min personal haste event
    - 3500pts: Legendary Key Fragment
    - 4000pts: 30 minute personal haste event 
    - 4500pts: Legendary Key 
    - 5000pts: OP Tag Key

How to gain points
    - 100 blocks mined = 1pt
    - 25 mob kills = 1pt
    - 10 minutes playtime = 1pt
    - 5 fish caught = 1 pt
    - 1 player kill = 1pt
    - 1 player death = -1pt

  - Monday: Double Points for Mob Kills

  - Wednesday: Double Points for Playtime

  - Friday: Double Points for Fishing

  - Sunday: Double Points for Mining

    - /getgang1 (Displays top gangs for the week in chat)
    - /gangtopweekly (
Displays top gangs for the week in a GUI)
    - /gangrewards (Opens the rewards menu for the current week)
    - /gangchat (non-functional currently)
    - /gang create (Creates a new gang)
    - /gang invite (Invite a player to your gang, limited to gang admin)
    - /gang accept {gang name} (Join a gang from invite)
    - /gang decline {gang name} (Decline a gang invite)
    - /gang disband (Delete your current gang, limited to gang admin)
    - /gang info {gang name} (Displays a gangs members, points, blocks mined, mob kills, player kills, deaths, and playtime)
    - /gang pvp (Toggles pvp among gang members)
    - /gang leave (Leaves your current gang)
    - /gang tag (Sets your gang tag, limited to gang admin)

Gangs about 1 year ago