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Totems Overview

Every ward inside the Prison (E through A) has a boss pit where a unique boss can be defeated for a 5% chance at dropping the totem specific to that ward.

  • E ward provides the Speed Totem
    • Applies a +0.04 boost to speed when held in either hand, if you acquire more than one, they can be held in both hands to double the effect.
  • D ward provides the Vitality Totem
    • Applies +4HP (2 full hearts) when held in either hand, and stacks in the same manner as the Speed Totem.
  • C ward provides the Haste Totem
    • Can he held in the offhand to provide a permanent Haste 1 effect, and a 1/500 chance while mining to provide a 10-15* second Haste 3 effect.
  • B ward provides the Scrap Totem
    • When held in the offhand allows the user to occasionally get an additional +1 scrap while mining.
  • A ward provides the Soul Totem
    • When held in the offhand gives the user +100% chance to acquire Soul Shards while mining.


The Fishing Totem has been added, the corresponding boss can be found in the sewers under the prison.

  •  This Totem provides a 2x buff to Legendary Fishing Loot, has the same drop rate as other totems, and has no corresponding armor set.


Armor Overview

Three out of the six Totems can be used to craft an armor set that compliments the effect of the Totem.

While worn, Totem Armors provide 1/4 the benefit of the Totem used to craft it, and with a full set - matches the effect of the Totem, ex: a full set of Soul Armor together provides and additional 100% to acquire Soul Shards while mining.

  • Speed Armor can be crafted using Speed Totems with Fossils.
  • Scrap armor can be crafted using Scrap Totem with Rubies.
  • Soul armor can be crafted using Soul Totems with Bronze Ingots.**


*These are user provided numbers and have not been verified


**To acquire Bronze Ingots, mine Diorite repeatedly until it drops the occasional Cassiterite Fragments, 4 of these can be used to craft a single Cassiterite in a 2x2 craft, smelt this Cassiterite into Tin Ore, surround the Tin Ore with 8 Copper Ingots to make one Tin and Copper Dust, smelt this again to get Bronze Ingots.