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Fair idea, it would just be hard to balance!
12 days ago

It's impossible to buy something like a C3/C2/C1 pass through a player shop and many other specific items, I feel like it would stimulate the economy a lot more if we implemented a command like /iteminfo so we could get the item ID's to these in order to make shops, so money can flow throughout the wards and not just through 1:1 deals when both players are required to be online.
19 days ago

/ignore   I agree this shouldn't be tolerated but if you feel personally attacked its always an option.
21 days ago

I feel like once you get to a point you dont have much to grind for, especially the higher up players, which is why I think I see a lot of the longer term players not getting on as much (could be school or theyre just busy) but I think there should be a late game grind especially for mining. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a key finding custom enchant, that you could buy with souls (But it would cost a ton of souls) where you could say find only coal keys with 'Key finder I' then only up to iron keys with 'Key finder II' and then only up to gold keys with 'Key finder III' again, these rates would be like A crates before reset, or even rarer for the other keys. I just was thinking of something to grind for, and keys seem a little unobtainable currently, and making something that costs like 3000 or smthn souls to get would be interesting to see and the ultimate flex.   Please be critical of my post thanks for reading.
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