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New Features!

The Airidale Team has been hard at work adding new features and updating existing ones to give you guys the best experience possible. We are pleased to announce that we have added tons of new cosmetic items to the Prison. These new cosmetics include Pets, Particles, Hats, and much more! 

You can obtain these new cosmetics from opening Mystery Boxes at /spawn. Note that you get Mystery Boxes primarily from prestiging, but there is a small chance you can earn boxes just from being online! So come hang out and get some awesome cosmetics. See you there!


By DevTechGames, 14 days ago
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We will be hosting our first official Mining Event at the new PVP/Event location (/warp pvp) this Saturday August 3rd at 12:00PM PST. At this event a mountain of ores/blocks ranging from Iron to Emerald will spawn in the center of /warp pvp (PVP with NOT be enabled at this event). Hidden inside the mountain will be chests with Prisoner/Guard crate keys. 

There are 9 Tiers of this event, the tier will be decided by the amount of players participating in the event. See below for more details:

  • Tier 1 - 1 to 5     ...

By DevTechGames, 19 days ago
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New Features!

  • New PVP Arena. (located at /warp pvp) 🥊
  • Added Event Location where staff will run Drop Parties and other events. (also located at /warp pvp) 🎫
  • Added Combat Log Plugin. 💀

By DevTechGames, 20 days ago
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Welcome to the Airidale Network!


  • Community Forums 📓
  • Voting 👍
  • Store 💲
  • Current Staff Page 📟
  • Leaderboards - Coming Soon! 💯

By DevTechGames, 23 days ago
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